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Dr Jeffrey Kepple is Board Certified in Family Medicine, and has immensely enjoyed over two decades of rural practice at Plumas District Hospital (PDH) including surgical obstetrics. During this time, Dr Kepple developed further interest and expertise in dermatology.

Rural settings often can’t support a board certified dermatologist, so Dr Kepple finds great satisfaction in treating disorders like eczema, acne, suspicious moles, unexplained rashes, as well as treating precancerous areas and most skin cancers.

Dr Kepple was the Medical Director for Plumas Rural Health Center from 1995-2014. He was the CEO of Plumas District Hospital and Clinics from April 2014 through November 2018. He is currently an Executive Consultant for PDH, as well as the Medical Director for Frontline Medical Wildland Fire Team. He is the cofounder of the annual Sierra Nevada Conservation and Wilderness Medicine Conference, and an affiliate faculty member at both UC Davis and University of Nevada Reno Medical Schools.

His philosophy of good medical practice is simple: treat patients with respect; give them your full attention; work diligently toward a correct diagnosis; communicate clearly the treatment plan. If you do this consistently, patients will trust you, which markedly improves compliance. This consistent, respectful and diligent care includes facilitating referrals to a specialist for more difficult and complicated cases.

In his free time, Dr Kepple enjoys reading great literature, particularly in the classics, religion and philosophy. He is a singer/songwriter, amateur thespian, mountain biker and backcountry snow boarder. He particular loves gardening and hiking with his lovely wife, Tracy.

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