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Dr. Dhond is Board Certified in Cardiology and Board Certified in Nuclear Cardiology. His services include cardiology with special interest in vascular disease. He received his medical degree from University of London, London, England and completed his residency at University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He also completed a fellowship in cardiology at UC Davis Medical Center Sacramento, California. Outside work, he spends lots of time with his three kids, often driving them to their activities. He is a black belt in Jujitsu and runs a martial arts school where he teaches both Jujitsu and Kundalini Yoga, a type of meditation.

Check out our celebratory interview with Dr. Milind Dhond MD, a Cardiologist at Plumas District Hospital.

"The work up here that I find rewarding is looking after people for many years where you almost know them like a family member. You know what I mean?...You have the privilege of following people for a long period of time and looking after them through all phases of their life." Dr. Milind Dhond

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