Plumas District Hospital Joins Health Information Exchange


Health Information Exchange - Plumas District Hospital

Plumas District Hospital has joined the local Health Information Exchange, SacValley MedShare. What this offers to you is the ability for your provider at Plumas District Hospital to be able to view your records from other participating providers in the Health Information Exchange. This greatly expands your ability to receive the best treatment possible. An example is if you have gotten blood work done in Chico, and that company is also a member of SacValley MedShare, at your next PDH visit, your provider can query the exchange, retrieve your blood work from the lab in Chico, and review it. This also allows the other participants to view your records of your visits at PDH. Participation in SacValley MedShare (SVMS) is voluntary. Your health information will automatically be included in SVMS unless you opt-out. It is your information and your choice. This service is completely free to patients.

Local Health Information Brochure.pdf

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