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Swing Bed

Following a hospital stay, some patients require further care to reach an optimal level of strength and wellness before returning home or to their community. The Swing Bed Program at Plumas District Hospital helps patients achieve this goal through hospital-based skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services.

A Swing Bed doesn’t physically swing, but it “swings” in a way that helps the flexibility and comfort of care for patients who live in a rural area.

Common conditions suitable for the Swing Bed Program include wound care, recovery from stroke, joint replacement, and the need to extend treatment with intravenous medication. The Swing Bed program may be used for patients who are regaining strength from serious acute illness such as COPD, pneumonia, congestive heart failure, or serious infections or fractures.

Basic Admission Qualifications
  • A qualifying 3-night stay in an acute care hospital within the past 30 days
  • A qualifying condition as recommended by a physician
  • Daily need for skilled nursing or skilled physical rehabilitation

Patient Care
  • Physicians visit patients each week or as often as needed. Between visits, the nurse will keep the physician updated.
  • Each patient is encouraged to participate in his or her plan of care, including leisure and physical activities, and dressing in own clothing.
  • Appropriate discharge planning is scheduled on an individual basis with a Discharge Planner.


Offered at the Following Locations:
 Plumas District Hospital