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About Us

“We are on a mission. In fact, we are on a quest. We want to make a difference in the lives of people!"

Surrounded by the inspiring beauty of the Sierras, we want to do something beautiful in medicine. At Plumas District Hospital, this means a grassroots movement of individuals who are passionate about serving the most important needs of our community. Healthcare is where the rubber meets the road: people hurting, people in crisis, people wanting to live well and stay well. When you step on our campus or make that call, we want you to feel welcome, safe, and most importantly cared for. This can only happen with compassionate providers and staff united in purpose in the pursuit of excellence.

We have been a Top 100 Critical Access Hospital two years in a row! We have some of the highest quality ratings in our obstetrics program, where safety for mothers and babies is paramount. Our Emergency Room is staffed 24/7 with top notch physicians from VEP Healthcare, and our pre-hospital and ambulance care is delivered by the stellar team at Care Flight.We have 24/7 highly trained, skilled and equipped surgeons and anesthesia services. PDH has outreach programs in surgery to Eastern Plumas Healthcare and in obstetrics to Seneca Hospital in Chester. We are also a teaching hospital, with strong affiliations with the UC Davis Healthcare System and the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

"At Plumas District Hospital we save lives, we love life, and we care about people’s health. We are in a race toward excellence. There is no time to lose in our quest for better quality, better service, and better outcomes, while sharing more joy and meaning along the way!"-- Jeffrey Kepple MD, CEO