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Quincy: first rural HEARTSafe Community in California


From left: Mimi Hall, director of public health; Sam Blesse, Care Flight; Matt Brown, Care Flight; LeeAnne Goniea, Care Flight; Eddy Mutch, Care Flight and Lori Simpson, chair of the board of supervisors, celebrate Quincy’s designation as California’s first rural HEARTSafe Community at the board of supervisor’s meeting May 2. Photo by Steve Wathen

Quincy: first rural HEARTSafe Community in California

Steve Wathen, Staff Writer PlumasNews.com


According to Care Flight paramedic Sam Blesse, Quincy is the first rural community in California to be designated a HEARTSafe Community and Plumas County is one of only three California counties to attain that designation for part of its area. Blesse added, “This is quite a big deal for a community of this size.”

At the board of supervisors meeting on May 2, Dr. Jeffrey Kepple, CEO of Plumas District Hospital, said, “Our partnership with Care Flight has been better than we thought it would be. They have done everything they promised to do.”

Blesse, for his part, praised Care Flight’s partners in the effort: the district hospital, Plumas County Public Health Agency and thesheriff’s office.

“This happened faster than we thought it would because of the efforts of the community,” said Blesse.

Mimi Hall, director of public health, said the goal of the partnership was to make every community in Plumas County a HEARTSafe Community.

HEARTSafe Communities is a program designed to promote survival from sudden out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. The program includes widespread CPR instruction, public access to heart defibrillators and aggressive resuscitation protocols to be used by first responders and area hospitals.

California doesn’t run a statewide program, so Plumas County’s public health agency partnered with Care Flight to get deliberators located throughout Quincy and East Quincy.

Blesse noted that 200 people have been trained in CPR in the past 10 months.

In answer to a question from the board, Blesse said cardiac arrest patients from Portola are generally flown to Reno for care, from Chester to Enloe Medical Center in Chico and from Quincy to either Reno or Enloe.



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