Covid-19 Testing

Covid-19 testing is offered Monday through Friday in the hospital front parking lot. You must register to participate. Call 530-283-5640 to register. 

Turnaround time for Covid-19 diagnosis varies depending upon the day of testing. See "Covid Result Notification" for complete details.  Covid-19 results are available in your HealtheLife patient portal.  The "Guide for Covid-19 Lab Results on the HealtheLife Patient Portal" will help you locate your results.  For guidance on what to do while you are waiting for your Covid-19 test result, see the "Quarantine and Isolation After Covid-19 Testing" and "Pre-Procedure Preparation and Covid."                    

COVID Results Notification COVID Results Notification (365 KB)

Guide for COVID-19 Lab Results on the HealtheLife Patient Portal Guide for COVID-19 Lab Results on the HealtheLife Patient Portal (1068 KB)

Quarantine and Isolation After COVID-19 Testing Quarantine and Isolation After COVID-19 Testing (587 KB)

Pre-Procedure Preparation and COVID Pre-Procedure Preparation and COVID (475 KB)


Providing Safe In-Person Care

We are open and safe with processes and protocols in place to ensure that we provide safe and convenient healthcare services. Here's what to expect when you visit our facility:

1. Upon Arrival. Patients, visitors and staff are screened for Covid-19 symptoms at the door.

2. Face Masks. A mask covering the nose and mouth is required at all times.

3. Social Distancing. We have redesigned lobby layouts to facilitate physical distancing. After checking in, patients may be asked to wait in their car to prevent overcrowding.

4. Separate Care Areas. We have created a separate area to care for patients with Covid-19 symptoms.

5. Healthcare Provider Covid-19 Surveillance. Our healthcare staff undergo regular testing for Covid-19.

6. Cleanliness. We clean and disinfect our facilities regularly.

7. Proper PPE. Face masks, face shields, gowns and eye protection is provided for our healthcare staff.

Visitor Restrictions   

Public entrance into the hospital remains limited to the South Hall (Emergency Department) entrance at this time. While we understand that visits from family, friends and loved ones is important to the healing of our inpatients, to help prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses, Plumas District Hospital will not be accepting visitors.  If your family member or friend is hospitalized, we encourage you to telephone them by dialing 530-283-2121 and asking for them by name or room number.   

Certain exceptions apply to the following:

  • Patients in end-of-life situations (limit 1)
  • Birth of baby.  One birth support person for labor & delivery (limit 1)
  • Minors (under 18).  One parent/guardian (limit 1)
  • Outpatient procedure/surgery or to assist with ambulation (limit 1)

If there are extenuating circumstances, we will be compassionate in granting exceptions.  All visitors must pass a respiratory illness screening.  

Medical Records Requests 

Please follow this process to request copies of your medical records.  Medical records may be accessed through your HealtheLife patient portal as well.     

Crisis Care Continuum Plan

California is experiencing an unprecedented and exponential surge in COVID-19 cases, and staffing and other resources are becoming strained.  Should the need arise, Plumas District Hospital has in place the following crisis care continuum guidelines that fit our facility capabilities and regional needs and processes, enabling the hospital to maintain health care services. 

Up to date COVID-19 information can be found here: 

Plumas County Public Health Agency

California Department of Public Health (CDPH)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)