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Viral Meningitis – Lassen County


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Date: September 29, 2017
To: Press Release

Viral Meningitis – Lassen County

There is currently an outbreak of viral meningitis in the Susanville area of Lassen County. There have been eleven cases so far. The first person became ill September 23. All are doing well so far, either at home or in the hospital. This outbreak prompted closure of Lassen High School and Lassen Community College in order to prevent further spread. Now there has been a Quincy resident evaluated for possible meningitis. The diagnosis is not yet confirmed, but it could be related to the Lassen cases. There are no particular cautions necessary for Plumas County residents at this time; this is one of the least dangerous kinds of meningitis, but is still sometimes serious. It is contagious, so if you have been in close contact with young people from Susanville in the past week, you should be particularly alert to the symptoms of meningitis and visit your local ER if you have them.

Symptoms of meningitis include:

• fever
• headache
• stiff neck
• nausea or vomiting
• having light bother your eyes
• There can also be other symptoms such as cold symptoms or rash.

Babies can have other symptoms, including:

• Not feeding well
• Being more sleepy or fussy than usual

For more information you can go to this link: https://www.cdc.gov/meningitis/viral.html. Or just go to cdc.gov and search on “viral meningitis”.

Nearly all cases of viral meningitis resolve uneventfully with lots of liquids and rest. Antibiotics and immunizations are not helpful for this disease. Again, if you think you may have meningitis it is important to go to the closest Emergency Room.

Mark Satterfield, MD,

Public Health Officer
Plumas County Public Health Agency


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