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Notice Inviting Bids



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Plumas District Hospital (“District”) invites and will receive sealed Bids up to but not later than 12:00p.m. on April 9, 2020 at the District Administration Building located at 1065 Bucks Lake Rd., Quincy, CA 95971, for the furnishing to District of all labor, equipment, materials, tools, services, transportation, permits, utilities, and all other items necessary for development of the PDH Child Care Center (the “Project”) located at 1018 Valley View Dr., Quincy, CA 95971. At said time, Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at the District Administration Conference Room. Bids received after said time shall be returned unopened. Bids shall be valid for a period of 90 calendar days after the Bid opening date.

It is the responsibility of each prospective bidder to download and print all Bid Documents for review and to verify the completeness of Bid Documents before submitting a bid. Bid Documents can be found at www.pdh.org. Any Addenda will be posted on the District website. It is the responsibility of each prospective bidder to check www.pdh.org on a daily basis through the close of bids for any applicable addenda or updates. The District does not assume any liability or responsibility based on any defective or incomplete copying, excerpting, scanning, faxing, downloading or printing of the Bid Documents. Information on www.pdh.org may change without notice to prospective bidders.  

Each Bidder shall be a licensed general contractor throughout the time it submits its Bid and for the duration of the Contract. Bidder shall set forth the name, address of the place of business, and contractor license number of each subcontractor who will perform work, labor, furnish materials or render services to the bidder and each subcontractor licensed by the State of California who, under subcontract to bidder, specially fabricates and installs a portion of the work described in the drawings and specifications, and shall indicate the portion of the work to be done by such subcontractor.
District shall award the Contract for the Project to the lowest responsive, responsible Bidder. District reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive any irregularities or informalities in any bids or in the bidding process. The District may reject any Bid which, in its opinion when compared to other Bids received or to the District’s internal estimates, does not accurately reflect the cost to perform the Work. The District may reject as non-responsive any Bid which unevenly weights or allocates costs, including but not limited to overhead and profit to one or more particular bid items.  
Each Bidder shall complete the Bidder Information and Experience Form provided herein and shall submit the form along with its Bid. Failure to provide all information requested within the questionnaire along with the Bid may cause the bid to be rejected as non-responsive. The District reserves the right to reject any Bid if an investigation of the information submitted does not satisfy the District that the Bidder is qualified to properly carry out the terms of the Bid Documents.
Prior to submitting its Bid, each Bidder in encouraged to visit the site of the proposed work and fully acquaint itself with the conditions relating to the construction and labor required so that the Bidder may fully understand the work.  
For further information and/or to coordinate a site visit, contact Darren Beatty at dbeatty@pdh.org or 530-283-7129.

Bidder Information and Experience Form Bidder Information and Experience Form (542 KB)

PDH 1018 Final Scope PDH 1018 Final Scope (750 KB)

PDH Child Care Center Spec Sheet PDH Child Care Center Spec Sheet (151 KB)



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