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Here at Plumas District Hospital, we are extremely proud to offer obstetrics services to our patients. We are California’s smallest OB program, and that designation comes with its own challenges for mothers in our community. Without our OB program, expectant mothers would need to travel 1.5 hours, sometimes in the snow and rain, to the nearest obstetrics provider. Many expecting mothers can’t afford to travel that far or even make it to the next nearest hospital in time for a safe delivery. It is crucial for the long-term health of our community, and the lives of the babies and mothers in Plumas County, that we continue to practice Obstetrics at Plumas District Hospital.

Here is how community members can help us.

If you know Certified Nurse Midwives and OB Registered Nurses who would be interested in making a powerful difference for mothers in a rural community, please show them the stories below and encourage them to apply here. 

Certified Nurse Midwife, Opportunities

OB Registered Nurse, Opportunities

If you know a mother who would want to share their story, please refer them to Linda Satchwell, linda.satchwell7@gmail.com . If you know of expecting mothers in Plumas County, please share these stories with them, so that they may be inspired to create their own.

Our Mothers' stories

Carolyn Shipp 

"We met our son Titus a little after midnight on March 20th. He was perfect, and crying, and everything you want your first child to be. In my stupor, I didn’t realize my doctor was hard at work trying to stop my hemorrhaging. I was just holding my new boy. I lost a lot of blood, and all I wanted was some apple juice and some time with my new family. That time came in the early hours of the morning, and all three of us got some rest. As I held on to my son’s tiny hand with all five fingers, I remember thinking; I am exactly where I want to be."


Julianna Munger

"The small town care is what I appreciate so much - the connections you’re able to make. It’s very different from what happens to you in a bigger city (speaking from experience). You’re more than a patient here. You walk the halls of this hospital, and you know everyone - more like family."


Bridget Tracy

"While any mom can tell you childbirth is not fun, I really feel that I had as good an experience as possible at PDH. It was the perfect combination of medical support when necessary, combined with a small, personal, warm and supportive setting that allowed me to give birth naturally to two healthy baby boys."


Niki Marceau

"Throughout both pregnancies and the entire experience all of my questions were answered, I was never made to feel like a burden, and I felt safe and well taken care of. Everyone was so helpful and kind. We will forever be grateful for both of the labor and delivery experiences at Plumas District Hospital."


Katie Harris

"On the way in to school, I started to have contractions, but I thought, “No problem, this could last for days, or it could be Braxton Hicks (false contractions),” so I still wasn’t concerned. By second period, though, the contractions were getting pretty close together, and they were getting strong. My principal said, “Go!”